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Functional Test Fixture and Programmer, by Nelson Design Services

First Nelson Design Services Designed a State of the Art Hybrid, Encapsulated Military Industrial Analog Sequencer for our customer, then we Designed this Quick Connect Bench Level Functional Test Fixture and Programmer with multiple interfaces for a verity of input sources and functions.

Functional Test Fixture and Programmer

Custom Functional Test Fixture and Programmer by Nelson Design Services

Production Run Printed Circuit Boards, Ready for Testing. by Nelson Design Services

NDS Production Run Circuit Boards

Nelson Design Services  provides experienced Engineering and Design Services,
Along with  Full Manufacturing Services.
NDS  Fabricates and Assembles your Proto Type Boards and your  complete  Production Boards.
NDS provides full Functional Testing of your  P. C. Boards and or Product before  leaving  the Manufacturing Facility.
We at Nelson Design Services have Designed Quality Printed Circuit Boards up to 32 Layers,  High Power Boards up to .250 Thick.
Proudly Designed and Built in the USA