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Total Engineering Services

Complete Electrical Engineering, Circuit Design
Electro/Mechanical Packaging and Mechanical Engineering
Drafting and Documentation Services
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Product Safety, Design, Analysis and Testing Services

Nelson Design Services provides Total Engineering Services for the Design and Development of Electronic Based Products, from Electrical Engineering, Circuit Design, Schematic Capture, Electro / Mechanical Packaging of Electronics, Printed Circuit Board Design Layouts, Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis and Testing Services, as well as Turn-Key Manufacturing from Proto-Types to Full Production.

Complete Electrical Engineering, Circuit Design Services

Digital Microprocessor Design

  • High Speed Design
  • Microprocessor Design
  • Memory Designs
  • Eprom and Flash Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Video and Audio
  • Parts Placement/Substitution.

(often requires partial circuit redesign)

Analog Electronics Design

  • Precision Low Noise Audio and Ultrasonic Signal Processing
  • Instrumentation Amplifier and Anti-Alias Filter for Data Acquisition
RF/ Power Electronics Design

  • Vacuum Tube Power Amplifiers utilizing
  • Triodes, Tetrodes, Traveling Wave Tubes,
  • Inductive Output Tubes (Klystrodes)
Power Electronics Design

  • Switch Mode Power Supplies Inverters and Amplifiers/Modulators
  • Wideband Linear Regulators
  • Feedback Loop Stability Analysis
  • Magnetics Design (Transformers, Inductors)
  • Power factor Correction Circuitry
  • Power Converter Topology Selection
Statistical Analysis

  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Worst Case Analysis
  • Root Sum Square Analysis
Reliability Analysis

  • Mean Time Between Failures
  • Root Cause Failure
  • Component Stress Analysis

Electro / Mechanical Packaging
Complete Drafting and Documentation Services

After a quality Electrical Circuit Design and perfect PCB Layout have NDS continue to provide that same level of experience in the Packaging and Documentation of your Product or System.
Nelson Design Services will create a 3D Solid Model utilizing Solid Edge Software to ensure a perfect fit and to generate a complete set of Documentation Drawings for the Fabrication and Manufacturing of your product.

Complete Drafting and Documentation Services
Detail Drawings, Assembly Drawings to Complete System Documentation

  • Patent Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Machined Part Drawings
  • Plastic Injection Part Drawings
  • Sheet Metal Drawings
  • Illustrations
  • Detail drawings
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Cable and Harness Drawings

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Product Safety, Design, Analysis and Testing Services

Nelson Design Services offers a broad spectrum of services in electromagnetic interference control and product safety. From enclosure design and PCB layout to compliance testing per Domestic (FCC, FDA) and international regulations(CE Mark, EMC and Low Voltage Directives), as well as preparation of technical construction files, consulting services and site surveys.

EMC Testing Capabilities List

Test Type Relevant Standards
Radiated Emissions EN55022, EN55011, FCC, ETC.
Conducted Emissions EN55022, EN55011, FCC, ETC.
ESD EN61000-4-2
Radiated Immunity EN61000-4-3
Fast Transients EN61000-4-4
Fast Line Surges EN61000-4-5
Conducted Disturbances EN61000-4-6
Power Frequency Magnetic Field EN61000-4-8
Special Test @ 400 A/Meter
Pulsed Magnetic Field EU ONLY, EN61000-3-2
Slow Lines, Sags, Surges & Dropouts EN61000-3-3
Harmonic Current Emission, Voltage Fluctuations & Flicker MIL-STD-461/FDA
Conducted EM Energy (CS114) Curve #3 LVD
Leakage Current LVD
Dielectric Withstand LVD
Ground Bond MIL-STD-462/FDA
Magnetic Field Emissions FDA
Quasi-Static Electric Fields

Other Related Services:
Engineering Testing
Test Report – Letter
Test Report – Formal

This is a very partial list of the services we can provide. We also specialize in military level testing, including environmental, altitude, radiation and more. Contact Nelson Design Services for more information.